Bye Bye Bayoulistenbuy

12 october 2012 (UK/CH/D) 2 february 2013 (F) 15 april 2013 (US/CAN)
Moi J’Connais Records


1. Marilou
2. Sorry Ti Monde
3. Paraît Qu’y a Pas Le Temps
4. Casse Mes Objets
5. Wivenhoe
6. Black Samedi
7. Mama Don’t
8. Seco e Molhado
9. Bye Bye Birdy Black
10. Sittin’ On Top of The World
11. I Don’t Feel At Home
12. Où Est Passé Arthur Lyman ?
13. Story of Love and Hate

Long celebrated as a seminal live band, Mama Rosin’s unique vision – Louisiana swamp grooves meet New York’s CBGB white heat/white noise! – found legendary American rocker Jon Spencer embracing the band. Matching Mama Rosin with Jon Spencer proved a marriage made in rock’n’roll heaven: rich in texture and flavour, Bye Bye Bayou stands tall as 2012’s most uncompromising album.

Mama Rosin first encountered Spencer when they opened several European shows for Blues Explosion. He then invited them to record at Hed Analog Studio in New York City. Across eight days Mama Rosin recorded take after take with Spencer insisting the band kick out the jams. Shattered from playing to their utmost abilities the band would then be instructed by Spencer to overdub while he mixed so splintering each song’s sonic texture. The result is Bye Bye Bayou, an album that rips up the rulebook on how to play punk and Cajun.

“Mama Rosin are a rare band that combine familiar influences in subtle and striking ways to achieve a wholly unique and very personal form of music.”  John Spencer


Negro Locolistenbuy

5 december 2011 / Gutfeeling Records


1. Negro Loco
2. How To See The Light

A 7″ for DJs around the world, Mama Rosin meets Cajun music cousins and catch you with infectious groove from Colombia and Jamaica. Psychedelic Cumbia and stoned mento recorded in a farm, without light and heater. Fancy dancing tracks for apocalyptic global pic nic over the caribean seas. Cover inspired by Sergio Mendes 60’s brazilian esthetic. Screenprinted on heavy paper from hunders years old trees bark.

Porte En Arriere listenbuy

5 december 2011 / Mama Rosin Homeprod


1. Porte En Arriere

2. Jetter Two-Step Outerspace

Real UFO on the mama rosin discography. Probably the most famous cajun tune totally distroyed by the sick fiddle of Cyril and the fast-as-hell robin’s banjo. Always supported by their drummer Xavier, the first track recorded together in 2009. To play and misstreathed the traditionnal cajun options. On face B the overspace dubstep synthetic cheap remix from the jetter two step, unrelease dancing song.

Back a la Maisonlistenbuy

5 december 2011 / Moi J’Connais Records


1.Back a la Maison (Mama Rosin)

2.Homegoing (Honshu Wolves)

Missing home is the subject ! Mama rosin meets a high-fidelity sound ingenieurs for a slow full of poesie and tears. Soul music and lay back groove, sweat and insomnia music. With the fabulous Honshu Wolves. They are playing a sincer blues. Woman delicious voices talks about a home return. With a beautiful cover, interpretation of the bands across the eyes of a swiss artiste. Printscreen and charming. Number 006 on Moi J’Connais Records

Sittin’ On Top Of The Worldlistenbuy

12 avril 2009 / Moi J’Connais Records


1.Sittin’ On Top Of The World (Mama Rosin)

2.You Know I Care (Cheap Killers)

Second 7″ from a 100 pieces collection, mama rosin invites their belgium friends Cheap Killer for a hypnotic blues experience in the world of the Mississippi blues heros. Inspired by Junior Kimbrough, Jessie Mae Hemphil, Otha Turner, the 7″ is an invitation in a psychedelic jungle of echos and voodoo beats. Designed by a friend in Uruguay. Sittin on top of the world, watching the starlight and missing our bab’ … Number 003 on Moi J’connais Records

Baby Please Don’t Golistenbuy

12 avril 2009 / Moi J’Connais Records


1. Baby Please Don’t Go (Mama Rosin)

2. Baby Please Don’t Go (Hell’s Kitchen)

First mama rosin 7″ … A split with their friends Hell’s Kitchen. Very rare piece today, sold out since 2 years. A strange combination between trash blues abd cajun, industrial noises and broken voices. Each band covers the traditionnal blues tune ‘Baby Please Don’t go’ … DIY and crappy, a early mama rosin pieces full of caracater, proof of their bluesy oblivions … Number 001 on Moi J’Connais Records.

Sao Paulo Sessionslistenbuy

11 february 2012 / Mental Groove


1. Radio Brazil

2. Run Through The Jungle

3. Seco y Mulhado

4. Sorry Ti Monde

5. Bon Temps Roulet n°4 (tropical)

Witness from a tour in southamerica, recorded in one day in a sao paulo studio. Hauted by the gun club, the wet and the dry, the tropical fruits and urgissim cities under the equator.

Recorded with local musicians and brazilian materials, the EP is really like a societal clash between south and north. Powerfull guitars and exotic percussions, lyrics about this strange feeling to be lost, homesick and homeless in this world, songs are introduced by intermezzo recorded in the Sao Paulo streets. The cover is a clon d’oeil to the Miami’s Gun Club pictures, ignoring devils and gods symbols. Only 300 pieces. Unfortinatly very hard to find! Obrigado.

La Pistache a Tante Anna

15 december 2008 / Voodoo Rythm Records
(secret release/not on catalog)


1. La Pistache a Tante Anna

2. North East Madeleine

3. T’as Vole Ma Motocyclette

4. Johny Brothers Intermezzo

5. Bon Temps Roulet

6. La Paloma

7. Les Zaricots Est Pas Salés

Previously unreleased tracks from the “first and third records” Tu as Perdu Ton Chemin and Black Robert, First mama rosin ten inch released secretly on Voodoo Rhythm record ! A cultissime object for the label afficionados, you can hear accapella songs and La Paloma version haunted by noise from a night in our garden, a live song and a 6/8 love song. Mama Rosin has put on this on its very inner fire and spirit.

Louisiana Sunlistenbuy

8 avril 2011 / Voodoo Rythm Records


1. Voodoo Walking

2. Gettin’ high

3. London Zydeco

4. Trouble ain’t so never far away

5. Quel Espoir ?

6. the Cat never Sleeps

7. Louisiana Sun

8. Killing two birds with one stone

9. Citi two-step

10. Swamp water

11. Princesse Havana

12. Paint the town red

It was a Long Term Musically relationship that drove those 2 Bands into London’s Fantastic Gizzard Studios at the end of 2010 to record that Album for Voodoo Rhythm records , MAMA ROSIN Legendary Wild Cajun Combat Outfit from Geneva Switzerland are touring a lot the Same goes with Hipbone Slim and his Kneetrembelrs from London England , they first met on stage at a Voodoo Rhythm Jam in France at a Blues festival, so they desighted to melt both music styles together into one sound and that record was born, you will have a full blast of Mama Rosin’s Raw Authentic Cajun sound together with Hipbone Slim’s Raw Blues Garage Rockabilly, both Drummers switched in each song in the Hipbone slim songs you got the mama rosin flair and in mama’s songs the hipbone slim Beat … a unbeatable Combination of both bands makes this record to a unique item that worth taking a listen, all the 12 Songs are self compositions except LOUISIANA SUN who’s a adaption from the RIVIERAS smash surf hit California Sun and 2nd CHARLES SHEFFIELD ‚S Voodoo Working in new New Jacket cales now: Voodoo Walking and has a spooky swamp groove comes along with it!

Black Robert listenbuy

23 mai 2010 / Gutfeeling Records


1. Quinze Jours Passés

2. Marinière

3. J’arrive pas à dormir

4. Le Two-Step du Motorcycle

5. Tu as perdu ton chemin

6. Possessed by Pie’ Ome

8. Move your popo

9. When the police left

10. Par rapport à tes parents

11. La valse à Katrina

12. Bon temps roulet no.3

13. La pistache confidentielle

With Black Robert, the band adds voodoo-jazz to their down ‘n’ dirty Cajun garage sound. Black Robert’s cover is an ad-hoc shot taken in London at Hackney’s Broadway Market when Mama Rosin were first in the UK. While the cover of their second album Brule Lentement paid tribute to the Velvet Underground’s debut, they designed the Black Robert album to resemble a classic Blue Note jazz release of the 1950s –Black Robert is different from our previous albums because it has a taste of jazz and calypso. Our previous albums were more focused on energy. Black Robert, well, it’s like we’re on the bayou in Louisiana. When we visited Louisiana and met people including our old time heroes, we realised that the way they live is ‘on the bayou’: growing food, fishing, listening to vinyl, not rushing. And that philosophy informed this album.”

Brûle Lentement listenbuy

march 2009 / Voodoo Rythm Records


1. Ou est passé E.C. Lenoir

2. Le Two-Step de l’Haricot

3. J’vas Mon Chemin

4. Honky Tonky Tout Le Temps

5. La Valse Des Beaux-Freres

6. You Stole My Motocycle

8. Le Pistolet

9. When The Police Came

10. ‘Ti Monde

11. Dead Love Rag

12. Johny Dance

13. Bon Temps Roulet#2

Brûle Lentement was recorded in November 2008 when owner of the cult Voodoo Rhythm label Beat-Man sent Mama Rosin back to the studio, to record a follow up to Tu As Perdu Ton Chemin, Mama Rosin’s debut album. This time, Beat-Man wanted something more trashy and punk enough! This new record rises the temperature and the tempo as we listen to the tracks one after the other….‘We arranged and composed the songs in the car from Geneva to Mentebelluna, Northern Italy. 8 hours of motorway and two days of recording and mixing, at one of the best analogue studios in Europe, Outside Inside, gave way to a new album’, explains Robin of the two ‘frères Souchet’. ‘This recording session really was exhausting and nerve-breaking’ recalls Cyril. Brûle Lentement is a perfect mirror of the atmosphere in which the album was recorded: the fatigue of Vanina (drummer) and the tension between Robin and Cyril getting lost between takes give these songs a slow heat (‘brûle lentement’ translates as ‘slow heat’).

Tu as perdu ton chemin listenbuy

march 2008 / Voodoo Rythm Records
recorded & produced by Pierre Omer


1. ‘Ti Moreau

2. Pine Grove Blues

3. Johnny Can’t Dance

4. Black Nero Harp

5. Rita’s Breakdown

6. La Valse Criminelle

7. Les Secrets d’Evangeline

8. Dancing Shoes

9. Prairie Ronde

10. Quoi Faire

11. My True Love

12. La Valse de la Derniere Fois

13. The Story Of Mama Rosin

Tu As Perdu Ton Chemin, a mixture of blues, roots, Cajun/Zydeco trash, was released late 2008 (in Continental Europe) on Voodoo Rhythm Records and got far more successful than what Mama Rosin would have ever imagined…! The two “frères Souchet” set a night on fire as support band for the show of the Dead Brother’s release party. ‘Let’s work together… !” owner of cult Voodoo Rhythm label Beat-Man suggested on the night, before asking ‘can you play more trashy? The ‘‘frères Souchet’’ didn’t pick up on it at the time, but then with the help of a microphone and a girl on drums, recorded a garage tape. It was trashing punk that they sent to Beat-Man…’Ok boys and girl’ he said ‘I like it, please record now a real album!’ which lead to the recording of Tu As Perdu Ton Chemin. The name of this album “is inspired of a little cabin I came across in the rain forest of Martinique when I got lost in the Caribbean jungle in 2005 during one of my numerous stays in the country’’, says Robin to explain the title of the album ‘a beautiful and ageless Creole woman served me a punch that gave me a fever for hours’’.